What can 17 women do to make an impact on the plastic pollution? Paddle 300km across the width of Britain of course!

Paddle Pickup isn't just about picking up litter, it's more than than! It combines adventure with raising awareness of the plastic problem, it empowers women whilst undertaking a mammoth challenge. It gets people talking, which hopeful translates into people thinking about the single use plastics in their own lives.

I am so proud to tell you that our Paddle Pickup team paddled from Bristol to London (that's 300km) over 17 days, with 17 incredible women joining the team. We picked up more than 3000 pieces of plastic from our waterways, spoke to hundreds of passers by, and tried to tell the world about this issue.

As a sea kayaker I’ve felt on the frontline! For a long time I ignored the bottles, toothbrushes and plastic bags washed up on our beaches, but as the quantity increased it became harder to turn a blind eye!

Paddle Pickup became a way to make a difference and start to fight.

The expedition was epic! We portaged over 130 locks, paddled 20km each day, dove into bushes and swamps to pull out water bottles and tennis balls. We smelt like canal juice, wore marigolds and wild camped. Not your average kayaking expedition. Personally I was shocked at the shear quantity of plastics we found on our journey. There were days it was utterly over-whelming. Days when we just couldn't pick it all up. But there were also days when we felt like warriors.

I loved the team spirit, passion for adventure and the environment united us and pushed us each day, no matter how tired we were.

Plans for 2018 Paddle Pickup are now in the pipeline and we are looking for new team members to join the mission. We will be paddling the Length of Wales.

You could join us! Here

If you'd like to see a little more about our expedition please watch our expedition videos bellow. Thanks to Sammy Sealey and Richard Pencott for making them for us.

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