Paddle PickUp is a multitude of adventures rolled into one. Each year Bex Band and I organise an expedition which takes on a mammoth challenge. Last year we kayaked the entire width of England,  a 300km journey from Bristol to London. This year our goal is to paddle the Entire length of wales. Paddle PickUp is an all female expedition. Why? Well, we want to empower women to take on new challenges push their comfort zones, whilst also working to help the environment. The core mission of every Paddle PickUp journey is to pick up as much plastic from the waterways as possible!

Last year we pulled out over 3000 pieces of plastic from the canals and rivers. We spoke to hundreds of other water users walkers and ice cream eaters along the route to try and encourage them to think about their use of dingle use plastic. 


Do you have a passion for the environment?

Would like to undertake an incredible journey?

Have a desire of adventure?

Then join our team to Clean up Scottish Islands.

Paddle PickUp 2019 

Feel Inspired? Here's a few videos of our Adventures

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